Thursday, 9 March 2017

HR Executive Training in Panchkula- Tri-City

Getting a job after Graduation would be quite challenging for HR executives due to the weak economy, which make it harder to reward or promote employees. Though the rate of unemployment is increasing very fast, companies mostly say that they are strapped when they were seeking for qualified education for specific tasks. Although, everyone, is qualified with a profession Management degree, but among them all only a few would be able to achieve the dream HR executive job by having some professional HR executive Training.

Now, In Panchkula or Tri-City we are providing HR Executive Training Program for the students who want to fly high and willing to achieve the goal. All they need to face this challenging era is skillful education with professional training that you will find in our Institution. Apart from that our professional Management expert will provide the chance to enhance their skills by various trial tasks.

Entry Salaries

As we talk about (Tri-City), compensation varies in HR jobs depend upon the individual's skills, and the industry in which they are specilized. However, As the analysis by, the HR Executive salary ranges vary from :

• HR generalist: $37,000–70,000

• HR manager: $52,000–92,000

• Profit administrator: $35,000–70,000

• Profit analyst: $35,000–90,000

• Compensation analyst: $40,000–100,000

• EEO specialist $45,000–90,000

• Labor relations manager: $62,000–120,000

• Training manager: $52,000–100,000

• Recruiting expert: $40,000–90,000

• VP of HR: $90,000–230,000

Our Objectives

Our Training expert organize, plan and direct a wide range of training activities. We conduct oriented training sessions and arrange on the job training for new employees, which help the rank and file workers to maintain and improve their skills for the job and possibly prepare programs for their skills development of the lower lever position employee. These programs are conducted to develop the potential and executives to  replace those retiring. Our Trainers also conduct programs to assist the trainee with transitions as well as technological changes.

Key features for Attending This Program:

This course has been intended to provide you the solutions to the HR challenges you confront while you step inside the IT agency.

You'll feel the value that you feel inside and the knowledge you need to face the challenges – apart from that the critical strategies to perfect your HR Executive Skills comes only by attending this HR executive training program in Panchkula (Tri-City);:

• Discover the best practices and essential strategies for every HR function

• Acquire the practical knowledge and tools you need to navigate employment law landmines

• Get to practice what you learn through "real-life" case studies!

• Discover and learn the best practices and methods of recruitment and selection

• Acquire the practical knowledge and tools needed for effective recruitment

• Association with HR professionals from across the country

• Become a "Certified Human Resource Executive, Professional" which enhances your professional career growth

Friday, 17 February 2017

Android Development in India- Designs Fastest Developing Platform

Android is mobile operating system that builds tremendous momentum around the globe in very short period of time. Maximum population from all over the world loves and use Android platform. This is the reason Android acts as a success technology for all businesses. Android development in India provides onboard services to all those businesses out there, who want to achieve their goal in a smarter way.

How will you have your own professional application? Ask yourself, you have a great idea to achieve success? Android operating system is introduced for such brilliant ideas out there. Your journey on this platform can easily start with the help of dedicated android development team. May the question arise in your mind, Why Development Team for an application?  The answer is so simple because you need an app which can bring huge success for you. Only getting an application from a developer cannot let you achieve your goal. As development process includes several stages. These stages are planned by experts who analysis all your business and application. Then after, they design your application accordingly.

Android is the only operating system which is popular and used by the huge community. The reason is Android is the cheap and best user-friendly platform. Now, you can imagine from this, that if you will have an android application for your business how much profit and attention you are going to gain. Just take an example, Today’s era is so busy due to which mobile phone became a best friend to them. Every time they need something they use any mobile app or mobile feature to make it done. Applications grabbed such an important place in our lives. So, the pen point is if you want success you have to think and facilitate according to your target customers.


By having your own application you are giving facility your customers and yourself both. This acts as two-sided satisfaction effort. You can easily get connected to your every customer directly. This direct interaction lets your customers aware of all your business updates. Also, your customers can use your service whenever they want and from anywhere they want.

Android Development in India makes you jump on the top among your business competitors. For that, you have to take one step forward than others. Only having a website can bring customers to you. But in this modern generation having an application keep you connected to your customers for a long period of time. Android development facilitates ease and flexibility to your customers to use your service. Development process always takes care for the best and unique designs for your application. Designs are such which can make your customers stay connected with you.  In short, Applications surely fulfill your goals for your business.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Highlight your career with PHP- Now in Zirapkpur

Internet has joined each and everyone in a system all around the world. Infect, there is no doubt to sustain the identity in a cyber world as a competition is quite difficult.  PHP as a whole stands for “Personal Home Page” and is also known by the name Hypertext Preprocessors. The Increase in the value of PHP nowadays, If we talk about a reliability. PHP stands first in the programming languages for development of websites.

Our Mission

PHP training in Zirakpur nowadays has become the first choice for the students to choose due to the demand in the IT industry for tremendous development and work opportunities The most Important is the learning process and friendly environment for the students that made him to learn the more they can. While you experience with several CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Magento & framework like Cake PHP, Codeigniter & Zend etc. makes you more robust with a new door of opportunity. As you can design & develop your own websites and mobile backend as well.

The language helps you to design the database and various other technologies with our PHP training program in Zirakpur. Starting with the basic  html /css/ php coding and ends at Advanced PHP and MySQL with expert trainers that provide live projects for the Students.

Starting with

Basic html /css/ php coding.

• HTML Basics HTML-elements- basic tags, attributes, formatting, entities, links, frames, Tables, list, forms-post and get method, form elements, tables, Images, background colors, color values, color names.

• Designing / CSS – Introduction, syntax, background, text, font, border, outline, margin, Padding, list, tables, Positioning, pseudo class, pseudo element

• JavaScript / jQuery - Introduction to JavaScript, Introducing variables and literals, objects , JavaScript and the web browser, Introduction to event handlers , The document object, Images, Links, Forms, DOM

Ends at

Advanced PHP and MySQL

• Installation, customization, syntax Variables, string, operators, If-else, switch, Arrays , Looping, function, forms, $_GET, $_POST, $_REQUEST, File Handling, File Uploads, Sending emails from PHP 5.4, Sessions, Cookies , Installation, customization, Database Structure, Introduction to SQL and MySql , Principles of database programming from PHP 5.4, Creating tables, Adding and changing information, Retrieving information from a table and reporting it to a web page, Deleting tables, PHP 5.4 ODBC, Database Connectivity , OOPS Concepts

• Advanced PHP XML, AJAX, Web Services, Security , MVC, WordPress

You learn and Innovate

We provide you the opportunity to learn various international standard websites from your own. Our PHP expert will help you to sharp your skills with new ideas and big leaps in your prospective career

• You will discover how to create dynamic websites.

• Simple and clean coding techniques, from the basics till advanced to focus on goal oriented.

• Pro level skills in PHP with advanced strategy for your website.

• Forms and validations for your website.

• Writing Semantic, valid coding and clean code for web pages.

• Best use of CMS, WordPress, Joomla and shopping cart.

Why we are the Best PHP training Institute in Zirakpur

• No registration / examination fee

• Expertise in the latest PHP 5.4

• All training on live projects

• We provide PHP Training certification

• We prepare our students for interviews

• We provide 3 advanced PHP e-books (free of cost)

• We provide online money making tips (Adsense/affiliate)

• We provide basic SEO/SEM training

Live Project & Certification

Certification with the best resources and get your dream job

We are certified partners with various Multi National Companies and We provide our students with professional certification.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

HR Training Program in Chandigarh

We are offering HR training program in Chandigarh basically for activities that will sharpen and develop company personnel, that help the employer for performance problem and prepare the employer for the role of management.

Executive Business & Social Etiquette

• Develop a Holistic standpoint of Dimensions and the Art of Socializing in the Business culture

Managing For Success - A Professional Competence Development Journey


1. Vision: To develop a guiding vision to guide the course of life.

2. Direction: Develop personal stratagem that goes into charting life’s course-Investigate the Past & Invent the Future

3. Personal Impact: Transacting WIN-WIN solutions

• PROFESSIONAL SKILLING (Time,Task & People Management)

1. High Precision Speed

2. Flexibility & Adaptability

Managing Effectively

• Continuously progress, people through the ability to deliver performance of individuals and teams at noticeably higher levels.

• Help people find solutions for themselves by thorough self-involvement as a manager, exploring options together.

• Harness individual capabilities towards overall organizational success, by putting the business objectives in synch with personal interests.

• Developing People through the use of Situational Management in order to optimize the success of the result and create an open and safe environment for personal and professional growth of the people.

In order to provide HR training program  such as formal training courses, instructor-led session, seminars and web-based training. You should have to be mentally prepared for the flexible alternatives and various conflicts that you will face while experiencing the position.

The Success Audit

• Create A Structure and Attitude to work with: Best Professional Practices coupled with an Attitude for Success.

• Learn to Manage Self, Task and Time: Managing the circuit of Strategizing- Planning-Executing-Evaluating-Re-strategizing

• Understand and Manage Conflict with SITARA ease Discover how to “Change the Smell” of the Organization To Build Professional Partnerships by Investing in Relationships.

Asserting Interpersonal Prowess

• Achieving Assertive Professional Interpersonal Equilibrium driven by Open & Transparent Relationships, Emotional Maturity and the ability to Work with Others in Competitive- Collaboration

Making & Managing Teams

• Identify the benefits of building and managing strong and effective teams

• Develop team stratagem to enhance the effort that goes into making a team strong and effective

• Discover how to consistently maintain the strategies involved in successful team work, by adopting effective team processes

• Understand their own conflict management styles and how to adapt them.

Customer Service & Consultative Selling Skills

• Appreciate the need for Customer Service

• Understand the Customer better.

• Determine the individual and organizational role in Customer Service

• Develop a positive & favorable approach to serve the Customer and understand the Customer’s needs

• Identify and enhance skills that support Customer Service and Effective Selling

• Evolve Efficient & Effective Personal Selling Strategies

Developing the skills involve various HR training and management programs with ethic skills that are required for the growth of the company as well as yours, programs such as employee orientation sessions, awareness sessions, leadership development workshops and various other management programs which should be learned by the employee one he started with the company to take the company to its expected level.

Presentation Skills

• Differentiating bet Effective & Ineffective presentations

• Detailing Ingredients of a powerful presentation

• Segmenting the 3 Blocs of Presentation Design and Delivery

• Using Presentation Design Template

• Handling Memory Lapses

• Personalized Improvement Action Plans

Business Communication

• Develop Effective Written Business Communication skills.

• Critically Examine the aspect of Interpersonal Communication in an Organization .

• Learn How to make Powerful Presentations.

Training and Certification & Certification

Certification with the best resources and get your dream job

We are certified partners with various Multi National Companies and We provide our students with professional certification.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Importance of E- Commerce Portals in IT Industry

E commerce portals are one of the most used products of the IT industry. Since all the commercial activities such as buying , selling, booking has gone online that is via internet, therefore e commerce portals are playing an important role in this process.  This results further in the growth of E commerce portal development companies.

In most of the companies, e-commerce developer design a website such as shopping cart solutions, software outsourcing, online promotion, improvisation and engineering etc. to enhance your online presence. Every organization needs a developed network of services to extend its online operations. Hence, these e-commerce solutions are required for the most. E commerce portal development has gone from a mere needle to a big mountain in the past years.

Website designing company develops these websites that act as an extra technical support to your company. The portal should push the buyer towards making a purchasing by providing online support. As the online space is progressively being accessed through search engines, e-commerce pages that rank at the top of the Google and other search engines often always win the trust of the user. 

E-Commerce portals offers the amazing benefit of making buying and selling products and services of the internet and e-commerce portals act as a gateway for people across the globe to make these transactions.  Ecommerce Portal Development is in wide demand these days as almost all the organizations wish to take their business online.

Buyers purchase and sell goods and services online rather than visiting the shops and making selections. This will increase the importance of E-Commerce portal. E-commerce portal are a way which offer customer anywhere anytime access and allows them to buy products/services with ease.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Increasing Scope Of iphone Jobs In Chandigarh

iPhone is the most developing technologies these days. Since the past 4-5 years iPhone technology has taken a boost. This has a direct impact on the iPhone Application jobs which are available in the market today.  Recently a majority of engineers have taken iPhone  technology as their major because of the increase in iPhone Jobs.

Chandigarh which is famous for its technological advancement is growing day by day in iPhone technology therefore increasing the rate of iPhone jobs in Chandigarh. IT Companies in Chandigarh have takes a keen interest in iPhone Technology which in turn has increased the rate of employment in iPhone Application here in Chandigarh.  iPhone jobs in Chandigarh has attracted many young software engineers to take a job in Chandigarh.

Why to Choose Chandigarh for iPhone Jobs

iPhone jobs in Chandigarh are also very  popular among youngsters as Chandigarh is ranked one of the top most clean and green city of India. The boarding and lodging is very cheap as compared to NCR and Banglore region.

iPhone Technology or iPhone Application Apps are consumed by many users all over the world. Different Applications are developed for iPad and iPhone. iPhone further has Apps which are compatible with iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 or iPhone 6. The Operating System of iPhone is also different, they have their own Operating System whih is iOS.

The different type of exposure has become a great excitement among young engineers which is driving them towards this technology. iPhone Jobs in Chandigarh also provides a very good salary range which is another plus point. 

IT companies in Chandigarh works with potential clients all over the world. Outsourcing iPhone Applications development has become an integral part of Chandigarh IT companies.

All in all iPhone Jobs in Chandigarh are very famous in India and candidates prefer them more than NCR and other IT regions.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Relevance of PHP Jobs in Chandigarh

Chandigarh area is known as the backbone of Website Development and Web Applications Development. 70% of the IT companies in Chandigarh deals in Web Apps Development. And most of the Web Development is done in PHP Language.

PHP Jobs in Chandigarh therefore has a great relevance in terms of IT Employees. There are jobs relating to all the modules of PHP like Wordpress, Joomla, Opencarrt, Codeignitor etc. Candidates from all across the country prefer to have a Job in Chandigarh if they have taken up Web Applications Development as their career choice. PHP Jobs in Chandigarh area are genuine and of high quality in terms of salary and work.

About companies offering PHP Jobs in Chandigarh:
Php application development
Companies in Chandigarh works on very high level to develop web applications, and most of the companies uses PHP Frameworks for the same. Almost all the companies deals with Clients from USA, Europe , Australia etc which gives the PHP Developers a great exposure to work on some great projects for potential clients.

There are MNC’s and also small scale companies in Chandigarh dealing with PHP Web Development. A great work culture along with a good atmosphere is offered for the employees by most of the companies.  PHP Jobs in Chandigarh are significant among candidates due to the quality salary packages offered and also Chandigarh is more affordable then most of the metropolitan cities of India.

Relevance of PHP Programming:

PHP is the mainstream language used for Web Development. There is a vast use of Web Applications in today’s world. All the daily needs can be gathered through websites like news, weather report, groceries ,electronics etc.  PHP Language helps us to make this happen.